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  Eddy has one of the largest MLM distributorship in Taiwan with over one million members and over 30 years of MLM experience.

Eddy never went to college and began his career as an Inspector in the Malaysian Police Force assigned to jungle warfare. After his service, he and his young family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada where he owned and operated several diners and cafes.

In 1980, he was introduced to MLM by one of his restaurant customers. Shortly after, he moved to Taiwan to start the business, without any prior visit to the country and with no knowledge of the language or friends.

Eddy has been selected as the 1998 Outstanding Role Model Businessman of the Year as well as the 2002 Time Elite Award of Taiwan. He has been featured in numerous foreign and domestic print and media for his accomplishments in MLM. He is married with three children.

  English name Edward
  Chinese name Phin Saan
  Nickname Eddy
  Date of birth December 4, 1950
  Place of birth Kuching , Malaysia
  Chinese zodiac Tiger
  Education St. Thomas High School , Kuching , Malaysia
  Beliefs Aim higher, Live life, Fear God
  Dream when young

To be rich and happy

  Favorite music

"What a Wonderful World"
Hai-O Jonathan Song (Chinese)

  Favorite movies

Groundhog Day. Seabiscuit and Chinese swordfighting movies

  Favorite color Spring colors
  Favorite foods Spicy food
  Favorite sports to watch Golf, basketball and baseball
  Favorite place Whistler, British Columbia
  Quality most admired in others Honesty, Loyalty, Reliability
  Quality most admired about yourself I am a good student and thus the characteristics that make a good student
  Role Model Zhuge Liang (see link)
  Collects Antiques, Cigars, Knives, Teapots
  Work experience prior to MLM

Police Inspector, owner of Coffee Shop/Diner

  Favorite pastime Reading books on MLM or do nothing
  Favorite athletic activity Used to be Golf but none now. No time.
  Aspiration To spread the good word of The Bible and about MLM
  Favorite indulgence

Eating foods that are probably not so good for me

  If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Be able to foresee the future

  What is your motto? Aim higher, Live life, Fear God
  What age you made your first million (USD)? 37
  Size of your first bonus check?

In my 1st MLM company. NT600 or about USD22
In my 2nd MLM company.
NT 340,550 about USD 12,613 (December 15, 1987) 1 USD = NT 27

  What is your total number of downline?

Over 3 million and growing (2011)

  What is your global reach?

My downline is spread out to over 20 countries.

  Favorite books Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)
Who Moved My Cheese (Spencer Johnson)
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